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Milca Kaplan - Metro Wellness

Metrowellness is a virtual medical office, servicing patients in the DC metropolitan area. We use telemedicine technology to bring care to you whenever you are. Long gone are the days of driving for 30 – 40 minutes to the doctor’s office and waiting another 30 – 40 minutes for your hurried 5 – 10 minute visit.

Here at Metrowellness, we provide you the choice of healthcare at your fingertips, just like everything else in and around your life. One of the ways we’ve done that is make it easy for patients to get in touch with us. What if you could text your medical provider the instant you needed help and they actually texted you back? This is the Metrowellness promise to you.

Metrowellness will address your immediate care needs and urgent medical problems that cannot wait for the next available appointment at your Primary Care Provider’s office. We are readily accessible for your acute care and chronic disease management at an affordable price. At Metrowellness, there will be no additional fees. Your price is set and once you pay, there will be no additional bills from us.

We offer relationship based care, a patient and medical provider relationship, where you are not just another patient. If you currently have a Primary Care Provider, our licensed medical providers will work closely with them, as indicated.This is to make your care seamless and stress-free for you, but also comprehensive. Please share with us your Primary Care Provider Information, if applicable.

If you do not have a Primary Care Provider or Doctor, we will step in that role to assist you in your medical wellness journey. We will send for appropriate diagnostic tests and additional specialties for further evaluation as needed.

Milca Kaplan is a Certified Nurse Practitioner and founder of MetroBest Clinic. Milca has cared for thousands of patients in both Washington D.C. and Maryland while serving these communities for over 10 years now. She has extensive experience  performing physical exams, diagnosing and treating acute and chronic illnesses  with the utmost care.  

Milca earned her Masters in Nursing from the University of Maryland and has more than 10 years of clinical experience that involved focusing on general medicine, pulmonology, and heart care. She now provides treatment in a variety of areas, including women’s health, preventive care, management of chronic diseases, medical marijuana certifications and more.

Milca has worked for multi-billion dollar corporations to smaller health organizations and she decided that she wanted to manage her patients with a different type of care, tailored to each unique patient, placing patients first and prioritizing their needs. Milca welcomes you to her practice with open arms and looks forward to providing an exceptional experience with her standard of care. 

Previous Experience

Milca is a well rounded medical professional that has been on the “front lines”, right in the heart of the ICU at Howard General Hospital.

She has worked within an interdisciplinary health care team to develop, implement and make adjustments to patient care plans, individualizing strategies and methods to improve health and meet recovery goals.

As a skilled health professional with experience in primary health care settings and as a dedicated clinician she has served thousands of patients successfully. Milca is prepared and dedicated to the patients she serves. Metrowellness was built to meet the needs of patients and provide an exceptional level of care.

She takes the time to understand each individual patient , their needs and what matters most to them. What is most important to you when choosing a medical practitioner?  She takes pride in her empathy to others and has the level of compassion needed to give her best to her patients. She is there to guide you to manage and/or eliminate symptoms completely.

Milca has constantly evolved with innovative treatments while being thorough, resourceful and offering adaptable treatment plans in the best interest of her patients. It is important to her that she understands your needs and that has resulted in optimal care for her patients.



University of Maryland School of Nursing MSN
Baltimore, MD
Master of Science: Adult/Gerontology NP


John Hopkins University School of Nursing
Baltimore, MD
BON (Business of Nursing Certificate): Nursing Science

My Passion

Ongoing education is very important to Milca. She uses the latest technologies and diagnostic procedures to treat her patients. She also takes a holistic approach to care for her patients. Milca treats her patients wholly, and does not focus on the disease.

Milca has been inspired by the marijuana dispensary community A community where patients are able to ask questions and information between experts and patients are shared freely. Wanting to break the norm of patient and physician, she hopes to form a comfortable atmosphere with her patients at Metrowellness

My Goals

Milca strives to continually improve her profession to be the best for her patients. Milca also makes an effort to spread her knowledge with her patients, empowering them to coordinate and strategize their plan with her. It is imperative that patients are educated about Milca’s capabilities, vision and full scope of practice.

The Best Healthcare Provider

Milca hopes to break the norm between her and her patient, encouraging them to collaborate with her. No question is too simple and every question is welcome. Milca’s goal is to effortlessly build relationships with her patients. Doing so opens channels of communication, creating a cohesive environment in order to be the best healthcare provider in the Washington D.C. and Maryland area.

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